Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Contacting A Professional Part 2

After creating the last bog post, Leg Up Farm called me back. This was very nerve-racking, but it also taught me a lot about talking on the phone and about what I could do for my project. Now I have developed skills that are key in life, by knowing how to communicate and ask appropriate questions. When I spoke to her she recomended that I come back when I knew some things including dates, and the number of volunteers. I then contacted my coach and she said that the 14th would work best, and that I could send out and email asking my team if anyone could help volunteer. I was informed that my soccer clinic should not be a day long, but rather it should be no longer than an hour because most of the kids will loose interest quickly. She said that each volunteer will be given at the most four kids, so the number of kids and equiptment I would need depends on the number of volunteers.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Contacting A Professional

     The professional/ business I tried to call was Leg Up Farm. When I initially called nobody picked up, so I left a message describing who I was and what I was planning to do. Since I waited three days without a response, I decided to send an email as a follow up, asking if they got the message and if it was still possible. Unfortunately, I did not get a response to this either.
      Even though I did not get a response I was still very nervous to call them initially. I had my sister taking picture of me as I took the call, and she was getting impatient because I was so nervous to call. After I did it though, I realized that talking to someone probably would've been better because I was not able to get all of the answers I needed. This process helped me grow, because I realized that calling somebody is not as stressful as I thought it had to be. I also learned that sometimes things don't go the way you planned and you have to work with what you were given. I will still be able to do a project on what I learned about my passions and volunteering at Leg Up Farm.
     Since I did not get a response, I was not able have new understandings on my questions. Although, while searching their website for an email address, I was able to learn even more information about Leg Up Farm through the website.

Planning For Pitch Day

I can present the information I have learned by using a trip-fold board. On the tri-fold board I will include what I have learned from researching about mental illnesses, and what I have learned about teaching soccer in general. I could also include a small section about how the phonetical went if there is enough room. One side of the board could have what I learned about Leg Up Farm, the other side could be what I learned about the supplies I would need to run a one day soccer clinic. In the middle could be what I learned about teaching kids with mental or physical illnesses. By having 3 smaller topics, I could keep the conversation more interesting and make sure my presentation lasts more than 2 minutes. I would be describing what I would do at the soccer clinic in my presentation, because I haven't actually done it yet.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Findings Through Research

What are Leg up Farm's goals and values, and should I work with them? 

Leg up Farm's mission, as stated on their website is to "Enrich the lives of families with special needs kids through customized therapeutic experiences." I think their values go along quotes well with my project. I could help some of the kids have therapeutic experiences through soccer. The soccer would not only teach them about the sport, but it would help them stay somewhat in shape.

Are there any other organizations that I can work with in my community? 

Another organization that I could work with would be ARC of York County. It is a "non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with intellectual and other disabilities and their families. It is devoted to promoting and improving supports and services for people with intellectual disabilities and fosters research and education regarding the prevention of intellectual disabilities in infants and young children." If for some reason I could not create a program with Leg up Farm I could also try this organization.

How would kids with mental ilnesses react to me, and how can I work with them to create the best possible enviroment and learning experience? 

When you are with kids who have been diagnosed with a mental disease or illness it is important to know how to talk to them in a respectful way. Some examples on hoe you should communicate with the children are shown on the website to the right. Some things I could do to express my concern and support towards the kids are reassuring the children that they are cared for, and treating them with respect, compassion, and empathy.

What supplies would I need to make this happen? 

Some supplies I may need are soccer balls, cones, pinnies, goals, (optional) a place to play, water, shin guards and socks. To find a place for this to happen, I could first contact Leg up Farm for their opinions, and then go to the Athletic Trainer if need be.

What basic skills could I teach the kids?
Some basic skills are how to pass, shoot, and dribble. We could spend some of the time working on these and the rest of the time we could spend playing games to keep the kids more interested.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Using My Passions For the Good

     My end goal for my entire 20 Time/ Genius hour project is to help kids with mental ilnesses or diseases have fun through playing soccer. This would ultimently benefit the community hopefully by giving kids with mentally diseases and opportunity to have fun, while teaching them the basics of soccer. Right now, I am planning on trying to contact Leg Up Farm which is an organization who teaches kids with mental disabilities. This would give me a place to start in regards to who and where I could make this happen. Hopefully I can change the lives of some of the kids, all while having a good time!

     The following five questions are questions that I can and will be researching to help this vision come true. What are Leg up Farm's goals and values, and should I work with them? Are there any other organizations that I can work with in my community? How would kids with mental ilnesses react to me, and how can I work with them to create the best possible enviroment and learning experience? What supplies would I need to make this happen? What basic skills could I teach the kids?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

What I'm Passionate About

    I started out playing soccer at a very young age. I've always loved the game, and have always wanted to play as much as I could. The first team I was on was a micro soccer team, which I was put on because my mom thought that it would be a good idea. Little did I know that putting me on that team was one of the best descisions she could have made. After the first time I scored that goal alongside my teammates, I knew I'd be playing soccer for long after.
     Today, I am always looking for ways to improve my game and am constantly either at practice or games. This could not only benefit me right now, but could also benefit others and benefit me in the future. Right now, I help coach/ manage the soccer team at the middle school. I love helping others realize their full potential, and helping them learn how to play the game in the best way possible. My love for soccer could also extend to college and beyond. Not only do I want to play soccer in college, but I could pursue a job I sports medicine or physical therapy. In conclusion, I hope to be doing much more with soccer for me and the benefit of others!